Cooks Cadet Introduction

Two things you need to know about me; I am just a little more than curious about many things, and I absolutely adore cooking. I have learned a lot by spending so much time in the kitchen and let’s be honest, the primary lesson has been patience. Little ever goes exactly as planned, but each “experience” as I like to call it, is a new opportunity to learn and improve. Though my kitchen could often times be mistaken for a circus, the resulting comedy of errors, though frustrating, only helps to better establish process and techniques. While I don’t have a Ph.D. in the culinary arts, I do have a passion for the creative and scientific processes of putting enjoyable and interesting food on the table.

Cooks Cadet is an eclectic blog covering a variety of topics. Mainly I’ll share with you the the knowledge and tips I’ve gained as a result of my many ongoing kitchen blunders. You’ll get to know how I’ve come to love and embrace all the nuances of the kitchen, including the tools of the trade, the ingredients and the food!

What can you expect to get from following this blog?

Curiosity: An essential prerequisite

First, the Cooks Cadet blog will be most appealing towards those curious-by-nature. So, if you’re looking to understand the minutia of cooking a little better, this is the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced cook, an expert in a certain style of cuisine, a weekend kitchen warrior, or if you’re brand new to the kitchen, there’s something here for everyone. Even if you don’t cook at all, but love the science behind cooking, there’s plenty here for you too. Come one, come all, but be sure to come full of curiosity.

Kitchen blunders: The source of wisdom

Want to know the secret to the having the completely mistake-free kitchen? Me too. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do have a wealth of experience to share from the unimaginable variety of ways I’ve screwed up. More than enough times, I’ve used the wrong cooking method; substituted the wrong ingredients; or melted the wrong tool. Learning experiences! 🙂

I’m always interested in the newest and most interesting kitchen equipment and gadgets; but at the same time I’m a life-long devotee of the simplest most tried and true low-to-no tech method. I’m not afraid to walk you through my continuing learning curve in the kitchen so you can learn from my mistakes.

It’s all about technique

One of my intentions for the Cooks Cadet blog is to take the technical difficulty out of cooking techniques. If you feel like cooking is too mundane a process, or if following complex recipes is not your style, I’ll share ways to simplify the process and convert recipes to easy to follow steps that will make cooking more fun for you. You’ll discover that you don’t need the well-stocked, television-cooking-show-worthy kitchen to make culinary magic.

Subtle nuances of cooking

One thing I’ve learned is that every cooking experience is unique. No matter how many times I cook the same dish, something is always a little bit different. That’s okay because it keeps the excitement level and the expectation high. You’ll learn as I have not to dread, but rather to embrace the subtle nuances that cooking can offer. Creating something from scratch, that provides an enjoyable experience for others is something that will never get old.

My ultimate goal for the Cooks Cadet is to make cooking  approachable and enjoyable. Providing understanding and explanations to ingredients, processes and techniques that are often simply taken for granted. Cooking is a truly fascinating . My sincere hope is that as you follow this blog you will find more fulfillment every time you enter your kitchen.

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