Friday Favorites for August 26th

Friday is here! We know you have spent your workweek pinning new recipes you want to try now that the weekend has arrived. Here at Cooks Cadet, we have been scouring the web for intriguing articles that will allow you to bring new knowledge and skills into your kitchen. Our first ever edition of “Friday Favorites” is loaded with interesting tips to help step up your culinary game. Wrap up summer with some freshly seared steaks, or make use of your garden tomatoes that are a few days passed ripe! You’ll find it all in the featured articles below.

What’s the Best Way to Sear a Steak?

Adam Savage and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (author of “The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking through Science”) use four identical cuts of beef to test out various searing methods. The chefs examine the difference in the taste and texture of the sear as they compare a searzall, charcoal grill, charcoal chimney, and aluminum forge methods, all while dispelling common sear related rumors. The result? In the case of searing steak, perhaps hotter is not always better. Join these two grill masters to add a little more sear to your sirloin, and discover which method creates the best finish.

Science of Ripening

Have you ever wondered why we find fruit so appealing? Stared at produce in the supermarket and wondered what was ripe? What exactly does ripening entail? The following article will explain all of that and more! Learn when to buy, how to ripen, and how to store your produce. Become the Fruit Ninja of your household when you are armed with this knowledge!

Over Ripe Tomatoes

Yes, the tomatoes are beautiful this time of year. Nothing is more mouthwatering than the plump, fresh tomatoes at your local farmer’s market. Of course you bought some! And then they continued to ripe well past the respectable tomato firmness. Now what? Explore some of these innovative creations that will put those overripe tomatoes to good use.

Food Makes the Olympian

How does Olympian Carli Llyod maintain energy throughout her long volleyball games? Hours of dedicated training built her talented foundation, but it is her game day diet that keeps her sets accurate. Ron Maughan, chair of the International Olympics Committee Medical Commission’s Nutrition Working Group, provides insight on the science behind an Olympic Athlete’s diet, and what you can apply to your everyday life.

Modern Spice Traders

Today’s salt and pepper is often overlooked and underrated. These entrepreneurs have found a passion in what is commonly taken for granted. Learn about the quality of spice that comes from buying directly from the source and the hard working business owners who make quality spice available in your life.

We hope these tips make their way into your kitchen this weekend and that we see you again next week for Friday Favorites!

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