Friday Favorites for September 2nd

Labor Day weekend is a bittersweet time in the kitchen. It is the transition period from fresh, light summer food to the warm comfort foods of fall. This week’s “Friday Favorites” offers tasty dishes that will round out your Labor Day barbecue party. No party planned this weekend? If you’re looking for a unique culinary challenge, we have included new examples of classic Korean dishes. Savor the end of summer by adding these new recipes to your menu.

Summer Pasta

Pasta in the summer heat is often too heavy to enjoy, but there are times when the carb cravings can only be resolved with a bowl of noodles. Curb your pasta desires by trying one of these light, cooler options instead. Recipes like Vegan Beet Pesto Pasta add variety to the usual Italian dishes in a healthy way you will love.

Recipes to Try Before Summer Ends

With summer drawing to a close, so does the fresh variety of produce coming to the Farmer’s Market. The following nine recipes highlight crisp summer squash, sweet corn, and juicy peaches. The peach and mint salad with zucchini noodles demonstrates the balance and freshness of summer produce and makes an excellent lunch option. Appreciate summer flavors with these refreshing options before the fresh produce is all gone.

Tossed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are always a crowd favorite. However, the intense effort required to make the mushrooms is another story. Luckily, there is this easy fix! These tossed mushrooms have the incredible flavor of their stuffed sibling but require one third of the work. They make a great side addition to any main meal.

Korean Bangkok Burrito

Yes, you read that correctly. This burrito combines Korean and Mexican culture in a delicious new way to enjoy a classic entree. The sweet meat is slow cooked in a flavorful ginger and garlic sauce. It is then wrapped up in a tortilla with rice and herbs. The recipe is an easy and affordable option for any family wanting to culturally expand their pallet without expending their budget.

Korean Sides

You will find an assortment of side dishes covering the table at any Korean barbecue. Traditionally known as “bachan,” the presence and multitude of sides is a custom from the origins of Korean culture. Chef Sunny Lee shares the importance of this tradition and her unique bachan recipes that will round out your next Korean meal.

Whether you’re planning your Labor Day barbecue or enjoying a stay-cation with a Korean inspired menu, enjoy one of these recipes during your weekend adventures!

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